Michael Street, AMS-CAI was recently announced as Property Manager based from the Exeter, NH Corporate offices of CPManagement.

Mr. Street brings a breadth of knowledge with his designation of Association Management Specialist (AMS), attained through the Community Association Industry

President of CPManagement, Jay Horne stated "Michael brings the AMS designation to our firm which says a lot, as this highly respected credential means Michael possesses the training and knowledge required to provide professional service to our clients. As a CAI AMS designee, Michael is fully trained and understands the nature, importance and unique challenges of community association management." He furthered, "it says as a designee he is committed to excellence and continuing education and through our vetting in the employment process of such a manager, demonstrates our commitment to preserving the character of not only the communities he will serve, but also the commercial clients for which he has been assigned." "In addition to the AMS designation, Mr. Street brings more than five years of experience as a property manager to CPManagement. He resides in Exeter with his wife and has already made a great transition to his portfolio of a dozen or more properties located throughout the Seacoast Region", Mr. Horne concluded.